Safety First.

Safety is a core value and will always be the number one priority at IPSCO. We want our employees to have a work environment where they feel safe and secure and to return home each day without injury. Through our “Zero is Achievable” program, we consistently express our unwavering belief that we can operate our facilities without incident or injury. To that end, every employee is responsible not just for his or her own safety, but for the safety of others.

Recognized for Safety Excellence
In 2017, the Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) recognized IPSCO’s Geneva, Nebraska plant with the 2017 SMA Don B. Daily Achievement in Safety Award for its significant milestone of going 10 years without an OSHA recordable incident. To keep safety at the forefront, IPSCO also participates in Steel Safety Day and hosts various community representatives from organizations such as the Houston Fire Department to speak on topics related to creating a safe work environment with events held at each of the 12 IPSCO locations.

Dedicated to Protecting and Preserving the Environment
We consider the protection and preservation of the environment both a core value and a corporate responsibility. With environmental sustainability integrated into our organization culture, we are committed to continuously improving the environmental performance of our activities, products and services throughout the value chain. We recognize that efficient use and protection of the environment are vital for the continued success of our operations and provide a valuable benefit to our customers and communities.

Our Safety Policy
Our Environmental Policy
Blytheville ISO 14001 Certification
Brookfield ISO 14001 Certification
Geneva ISO 14001 Certification