TMK UP ULTRA™ Connections

TMK UP ULTRA™ Connections

TMK UP ULTRA™ Connections

IPSCO is proud to announce the launch of a series of high torque connections under the TORQ® brand. These connections are specifically designed and manufactured to meet demanding torque requirements that are sometimes more than twice the operating torque limits of conventional connections. The TORQ family of connections is available in a wide range of sizes and has been tested to industry specifications for their applications in shale and offshore extended reach drilling.

Introducing the TMK UP SF TORQ®

Building on the industry leading performance of the TMK UP ULTRA SF and SFII, IPSCO Tubulars Inc. has launched the TMK UP SF TORQ. Featuring dovetail threads, a metal-to-metal seal and a slim profile, the premium integral SF TORQ connection offers excellent performance at an attractive price. Testing was successfully completed on 5.5” X 23# P110CYHP SF TORQ, at the Houston R&D Center, using a test protocol that was specifically developed to address performance of the connection in horizontal shale applications. The test protocol included fatigue and installation simulation under severe doglegs, gas sealability testing under combined loading and bending following guidance from the API RP 5C5:2017 test protocol and limit load testing. The test results have shown the connection to be suitable for applications in horizontal shale drilling that involves the rotation of casing during cementing and extreme torque for landing the casing string.

In addition to SF TORQ, IPSCO is launching a high torque threaded and coupled connection, TMK UP ULTRA QX TORQ. Also featuring dovetail threads and a metal-to-metal seal, QX TORQ ensures 100% connection efficiency, excellent sealability and extreme torque performance. The connection is designed for applications involving longer strings, such as horizontal shale wells and offshore extended reach drilling. Testing has been successfully completed on 9-5/8” X 47# P110 QX TORQ to the EMCEP (Exxon Mobil Connection Evaluation Program) protocol, which included multiple make and breaks, sealability testing and limit load tests to failure.

TMK UP Unites Two Premium Connections Families under a Single Brand

Two premium connections families, TMK Premium and ULTRA, are now united under a single brand – TMK ULTRA Premium (TMK UP). Pipes with premium connections are designed for oil and gas wells developed in challenging exploration and production conditions, including deep offshore and horizontal wells. These products offer high strength, gas tightness, excellent bending capacity and good resistance to other negative external factors.

Innovative Solutions

IPSCO recognized that as oil and gas well geometries evolve, so should your casing and connections. IPSCO provides casing and premium connections that increase casing performance in well environments including high temperature, high gas pressure and hydraulic stimulation. Integrating IPSCO casing products into your well can give the assurance that comes from highly engineered premium connections and tubulars that are tested under the toughest industry standards. TMK UP products include threaded and coupled connections and slim profile integral connections that preserve a large casing internal diameter for maximum production.

Global Strength

IPSCO is an industry leader in welded and seamless pipe, premium connections and accessories with the strength of more than twenty manufacturing facilities strategically located in the key energy producing areas of the world. Our legacy of quality, exceptional customer service and focus on innovation translates into great value for our customers. Our strength — in product and presence — gives customers a competitive edge, making us a leading supplier for the oil and gas industry as well as many industrial markets worldwide.