Capabilities that Deliver a Competitive Advantage

The wide range of technological capabilities offered at our R&D Center and supported by the extensive experience of our experts provides customers with a competitive advantage.

Metallurgical Services
Our metallurgical experts can examine metallic materials, perform failure investigations, detect surface and internal flaws and determine the cause of such defects. In addition, they can conduct microstructural evaluation, assess heat treatments, and assure conformance to required specifications.

Heat Treatment
Heat treating processes, such as annealing, normalizing, hardening, and tempering are used to alter the microstructure and control the mechanical properties of materials so they can function effectively under specific operating conditions. At our R&D Center, we perform heat treatments on test samples with all testing services verified to customer specifications.

At the R&D Center’s dedicated metrology services lab, we offer fast and affordable dimensional inspection and verification services to ensure compliance with design specifications and verify dimensional accuracy. Our team of technicians has extensive experience in gauge setup, gauging, and dimensional inspection, including that of threaded products.

Connection Testing Lab
We perform connection testing to assess a premium connection’s sealability and galling
resistance. Our connections experts can test connections per ISO 13679:2011/API 5C5:2014 and ISO PAS 12835 (for thermal wells).