Field Services

Field Services

Providing Expert Support

IPSCO offers support for its entire suite of ULTRA premium, ULTRA semi-premium and API connections. Our Certified Field Service Representatives are highly trained, experienced product experts that not only are able to provide running services for our entire line of products, but are also able to diagnose any unexpected issues that can be encountered in the field. Their expertise can save customers time and money, while ensuring that products are run safely and efficiently.

Helping You Make the Most of Every Project

Our Representatives provide a detailed report on the operations they observe, which can help customers determine if there is any room for improvement when it comes to running tubing or casing. Furthermore, their ability to repair slightly damaged connections saves the customer from having to discard or re-cut connections.

Through our skilled technical personnel and certified field service representatives, we provide the following:

  • Running services
  • Inspection and diagnostic consultation services to help customers determine the best solutions for their needs
  • Field service tools
  • Technical assistance to ensure the proper use of our connections with a focus on optimizing safety and efficiency for our customers
  • Training on the use and proper running of our connections