Testing Services

Testing Services

Testing for Performance, Durability and Integrity

At our advanced Research & Development Center, our testing experts cover a variety of disciplines including performance validation, corrosion resistance, material analysis, mechanical testing and material testing.

Mechanical Testing
We provide the full range of mechanical testing services to evaluate material under conditions such as tension, compression and temperature. What’s more, we ensure quick, reliable results backed by certified reports.

Non-Destructive Testing
Non-destructive Testing (NDT) can detect surface and sub-surface defects or imperfections without affecting the structural integrity or operating performance of materials and components. We offer NDT techniques and methods for inspection of metal tubing, pipes, bars, plates, castings and other metal products are available.

Corrosion Testing
Through Corrosion testing, we help determine the susceptibility of materials to corrosion under certain environmental conditions. We offer a wide range of corrosion testing and analysis for OCTG products operating in hydrogen sulfide-rich environments.