Well Casing Design

Well Casing Design

Introducing IPSCO Well Casing Design Services

IPSCO is proud to announce that we now offer well casing and tubing design services to our customers. Detailed and in-depth understanding of casing string design is essential to success in today’s cost-conscious drilling environment. Longer laterals and complex shale plays in unconventional drilling make tubing and casing design an even more crucial part of your drilling program. A thoroughly evaluated casing and tubing design ensures the well’s mechanical integrity, provides maximum allowable loads and optimizes well costs, while minimizing risks of delays and failures during installation and operation.

Utilizing the industry popular StressCheck™* and WellPlan®* software, our tubular experts can validate your proposed string design. We will provide detailed analyses for your well’s individual features and the anticipated loading conditions, as well as compare alternate design options including pipe and connection selection. After analysis, we provide a report with any recommended changes and areas of concern.

Case Study: Slim Hole in Curve Build Section

IPSCO proprietary casing and connections now available for download
Our proprietary casing and connection catalogs are now available to import directly into Landmark’s Engineer’s Data Mode (EDM™*) software.

Connections represent less than 3% of the pipe length but account for over 90% of well failures. You can now model your string design with the option to use our industry leading TORQ® high torque connections. Specifically designed for U.S. shale plays, the robust design and fast makeup of the TORQ® series have made them a popular option for today’s complex drilling environment. Make sure you include the TORQ® series in your next well design.

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